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Archive Date: 25.11.2009

POWERdrive Pte Ltd (POWERdrive)

On 2nd November 2009, POWERdrive Pte Ltd (POWERdrive) is formed as a majority owned subsidiary of eLC Pte Ltd, a company founded with the aim in providing holistic training solutions to meet the training needs of any organizations.

Armour POWERdrive Team also known as the first Intergrated Work Force (IWF) is a tripartite collaboration amongst Singapore Technologies Kinetics (STK), Singapore Technologies Training & Simulation (STTS) and eLC Pte Ltd (eLC). It is an innovation set up to meet the mission of Armour Training Institute (ATI) to supply the SAF with a regular pool of savvy and competent ´A´ vehicle drivers for the various Armour units. The Armour POWERdrive consisting of over 20 experienced trainers which possesses various skills and experiences in operating the different Armour vehicle platforms, started their refresher courses which was conducted by ATI. During the refresher courses, each of the IWF Instructors gains great experience on both knowledge and driving technique from the ATI driving instructors.

On completion of all the refresher courses, the Armour POWERdrive team will be handling the Leopard L2A4 Tank, Bionix IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle), Ultra M113, Bronco and BV206 driving courses. The team will train new drivers on the basis driving skills right to the OMER courses.

In addition, the Armour POWERdrive team will also be conducting orientation driving for the various NS units.

"Professionalism and Teamwork will be the key drivers in our pursuit to achieve 100% passing rate and zero accidents" say Jimmy Ong, Head Training Platform.

With spirit, honour and hard work, Armour POWERdrive Team will strengthen their training in the various Armour units to become more efficient and effective.

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