Who We Are

POWERdrive Pte Ltd (POWERdrive) is a majority owned subsidiary of eLC Pte Ltd.

With the aim of providing a complete training solution to organisations, POWERdrive takes the stance of using technology to enhance the pedagogy which is the driver of our solution.

Boasting a staff strength of more than 20 highly experienced instructors, POWERdrive takes pride in having the capabilities to understand, advise and develop a complete training curriculum that is both effective and engaging.

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Mission, Vision & Core Values

Mission Statement

To help organisation develop competencies in technical training through consistent standard while maintaining safety.

Vision Statement

  • To attain 90% "B" Grades and above
  • Trusted partner of choice in equipment based training
  • To be a professional and fulfilling company to work in
  • To achieve "A" Grade in Safety Consciousness
  • To double the revenue by 2015

Core Values

  • Teamwork
  • We believe the synergy of an effective team allows us to achieve much more than what we can individually achieve. We will strive to support each other in a team and bring out the best in each other. We foster teamwork through open communications and sharing. We encourage a rich diversity of views and yet we are focused on achieving goals.
  • Professionalism
  • We strive to set the standards for professionalism in our industry through our conduct, our pursuit of high service standards to clients and the knowledge we bring to bear in our work.
  • Commitment
  • We are committed to our mission and vision. We are committed to our set goals. We believe that through our commitment and dedication we can overcome all obstacles.
  • Integrity
  • As individuals and as a company we uphold the highest ethical standards of business practices. We strive to keep our promises to clients, partners, staff and shareholders. We believe one of the hallmarks of our company is our reputation in fostering integrity in all our practices.
  • Nurturing and Caring
  • We believe all individuals have the ability to reach their full potential professionally and socially. We will strive to nurture our wards and help them develop their strengths as individuals. We will strive to create a caring environment at work and at play, through our sensitivity to each other's needs and our willingness to extend a helping hand at all times.

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Our People

Our people come from a varied background, ranging from certified instructional designers to certified SAF instructors. We specialise in all forms of training, ranging from face to face, to "e" format to a blended approach. At POWERdrive, we develop the learning solution based on the content as well as the objective our clients want to achieve.

Being very much involved in the learning and development industry, our instructors are Instructional Design trained and are constantly upgraded through internal training in various areas. Amongst the many areas, topics such as new instructional strategies and improvement in presentation skills are being scheduled on a regular basis. All instructors are constantly tasked with developing Commercial of the Shelf (COTS) content to ensure they are kept up to date with applications of new instructional strategies.

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